Active Grants

PI/Institutional PI – 2.4 Million

  • Collaborative Research: BoCP-Implementation: Estimating the extinction risk of biodiversity with a time-based dynamic system, PI (UConn): Z. Zhu, PI (TempleU): S.B. Hedges, NSF, Total $1,952,698, UConn Proportion $961,763, 10/2023-9/2027.
  • IUCRC Phase I Grant University of Connecticut: Center for Weather Innovation, Smart Energy and Resilience (WISER), PI: E. Anagnostou, Senior Personal: Z. Zhu, NSF, Total $750,000, 1/2023-12/2027.
    • A Sample-based Approach for Analyzing the Driver of Coastal Tidal Wetland Changes, PI: Z. Zhu, USGS, Total $29,994, 7/2023-6/2026.
    • Improvements of QA Band and New Science Data Layers Proposed for the NASA Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 Product, PI: Z. Zhu, NASA, Total $297,781, 4/2023-3/2025.
    • Estimating roadside tree risk to grid resilience and reliability using PlanetScope time series, PI: Z. Zhu, Eversource, Total $88,000, 9/2023-8/2025
    • An Alkalinity and Inorganic Blue Carbon Monitoring System: Crediting Wetland-to-Ocean Lateral Fluxes in Carbon Markets and Inventories, PI: Kevin Kroeger, Institutional PI: Z. Zhu, NASA, Total $1,199,695, UConn Proportion $182,743, 2023-2026.
    • Water-use and Land-cover change detection using ECOSTRESS and OpenET, PI: Y. Yang, Institutional PI: Z. Zhu, NASA, Total $388,237, UConn Proportion $120,076, 2023-2025.
    • Maintenance and Continuation of NASA’s Black Marble Nighttime Lights Product Suite from Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS, PI Z. Wang, Institutional PI: Z. Zhu, NASA, Total $689,856, UConn Proportion $234,578, 2021-2024.
    • Mapping changes in deciduous forest understory vegetation using remotely sensed data, PI: Z. Zhu, Co-PI: C. Rittenhouse, McIntire-Stennis USDA, $59,995, 2021-2024.
    • WATCH: Wide Area Terrestrial Change Hypercube, Institutional-PI: Z. Zhu, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) SMART Program, Total $14,166,466, UConn Proportion $556,967, 2020-2024
    • A Moderate Spatial Resolution Data Record of 21st Century Global Land Cover, Land Use, and Land Cover Change, PI: M. Friedl, Collaborator: Z. Zhu, NASA, $4,039,454, 2017-2023.