Join Our Lab (New Opportunities Available!)

I am looking thinkers that are scientifically curious and with strong capability in processing big remotely sensed data. If you are interested in global environmental problems and time series analysis, the GERS Lab would be a good place for you. Please browse our website and our recent publications to decide whether your interests match with what we are doing.


Prospective Graduate Students

I currently have a fully supported new RA position (Master or Ph.D. levels) with research directions include (but are not limited to): time series analysis, change detection, and image classification. If you are interested in joining the GERS Lab, please contact us via Email. Please include your CV, your research interest statement, and your research plan. The requirements for admission can be found here. Please submit your application soon to be better considered for full support (tuition waiver and salary) as RA or University Fellowship.


Prospective Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars

I currently have one postdoctoral researcher position available. If you are a big fan of using satellite time series to identify land disturbance in near-real-time, you are welcome to apply. Please contact me via Email. Please include your CV, your research interest statement, and your research plan. You can explore funding opportunities from NSF, the Fulbright Program, and other organizations/agencies.



Please contact the person whose research most align with your interest.

Wetland Mapping, Urban Scenes, and Time Series Analysis

Yang, Xiucheng <>

Data Harmonization, Near Real-Time Monitoring, and Vegetation Phenology

Shang, Rong <>

Cloud detection, Time Series Data Preprocessing, and Land Disturbance Mapping

Qiu, Shi <>

Change Detection, Land Cover Classification, and Time Series Modeling

Zhang, Junxue <>

Night-time Light Data Analysis and Time Series Data Analysis

Li, Tian <>