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Human, as the only dominant species on Earth, has been changing the Earth's surface throughout its existence, which has greatly threatened the sustainability, biodiversity, and ecosystems of the Earth. Satellite remote sensing is one of the most powerful tools for observing the Earth’s surface because of its repeated synoptic collection of consistent measurements.

A central research theme of GERS laboratory is to understand how the world is changing based on quantitative remote sensing. We are interested in using a variety of remote sensing sensors, such as drones, small satellites, Landsat, Sentinel-2, MODIS, VIIRS, LIDAR, and Radar to monitor environmental change at regional to global scales.

The GIFs below illustrate the land-water dynmaics, forest change, urban disturbance, and agricultre practice from 1982 to present based on all available Landsats 4-8 images (thousands of images for each image chip!).

Upcoming Events

  1. Feb 26 NEDA Week Quiz!12:00am
  2. Feb 26 The UConn Grief Project Submissions12:00am
  3. Feb 26 The Egyptian Revolution Ten Years On: A Teach-In12:00am
  4. Feb 26 Spin8:00am
  5. Feb 26 Pulmonary, Critical Care And Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds8:15am
  6. Feb 26 UConn ECE Spanish Workshop9:00am
  7. Feb 26 Resume/CV Critique For Commuters10:00am
  8. Feb 26 Practical Performance Evaluation for Practitioners & Funders10:30am
  9. Feb 26 Post-Completion OPT Workshop11:00am
  10. Feb 26 Marine Sciences Seminar: Laurie Juranek11:00am
  11. Feb 26 Psychiatry Grand Rounds11:00am
  12. Feb 26 Spin and Strength11:30am
  13. Feb 26 Virtual Yoga Flow11:45am
  14. Feb 26 Yoga Flow11:45am
  15. Feb 26 CPA Book Friday: Blackening Britain12:00pm
  16. Feb 26 Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue12:15pm
  17. Feb 26 FUN15 Fridays - Fascinating BALLOON ANIMALS12:15pm
  18. Feb 26 Graduate Student Seminar12:15pm
  19. Feb 26 Animal Science Seminar: Dr. Linda Rhodes12:20pm
  20. Feb 26 USG Executive Board Meeting 1:00pm
  21. Feb 26 State Mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training1:00pm
  22. Feb 26 Intro to Mindfulness1:00pm
  23. Feb 26 PhD Dissertation Defense1:00pm
  24. Feb 26 The Power Of Misinformation1:00pm
  25. Feb 26 Healing from Racial (or Collective) Trauma: Building Community & Authentic Connection through Contemplative Practices1:00pm
  26. Feb 26 Analysis And Probability Seminar
    Poincaré Profiles On Graphs And Groups, And A Coarse Geometric Dichotomy
    John Mackay (University Of Bristol)
  27. Feb 26 Racism In The Margins3:00pm
  28. Feb 26 Conference: Racism In The Margins3:00pm
  29. Feb 26 Racism In The Margins Conference 23:00pm
  30. Feb 26 Professor Stella Offner (Physics Colloquium)3:30pm
  31. Feb 26 Strength Training3:30pm
  32. Feb 26 Dance Fit3:30pm
  33. Feb 26 SIGMA Seminar
    Course Preview
    Sasha Teplyaev
  34. Feb 26 School of Pharmacy P1 Professionalism Ceremony 4:00pm
  35. Feb 26 Honors Community Development Series: Virtual Escape Room4:00pm
  36. Feb 26 "Not Just A Princess” Women In Animation5:00pm
  37. Feb 26 Ice Skating On The Great Lawn6:00pm
  38. Feb 26 An Anime Late Night6:00pm

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