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Human, as the only dominant species on Earth, has been changing the Earth's surface throughout its existence, which has greatly threatened the sustainability, biodiversity, and ecosystems of the Earth. Satellite remote sensing is one of the most powerful tools for observing the Earth’s surface because of its repeated synoptic collection of consistent measurements.

A central research theme of GERS laboratory is to understand how the world is changing based on quantitative remote sensing. We are interested in using a variety of remote sensing sensors, such as drones, small satellites, Landsat, Sentinel-2, MODIS, VIIRS, LIDAR, and Radar to monitor environmental change at regional to global scales.

The GIFs below illustrate the land-water dynmaics, forest change, urban disturbance, and agricultre practice from 1982 to present based on all available Landsats 4-8 images (thousands of images for each image chip!).

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